Featured Writer - Norma Liles

Normie's Starfish Stories Include:

Fulfillment in a Job Well Done
Noah's Adventure
Love from a Tender Heart
Memories of Yesteryear
Where Have I Been?
Like Mother - Like Dauthter
Death of an Innocent
The Rocking Chair and I
Celebrating Our Parents' Lives
Thankful Heart
Our Thanksgiving Feast
Tribute to My Dad
My Old Porch Swing
My Friend, Mrs. G.
...and others

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Norma (77) is an Ohio native, senior citizen; happy in her own skin, loves the Lord God Almighty, her family, her friends and her computer; pretty much in that order! Her hobbies include reading, writing poetry, stories, a few songs; loves to sing; and prefers southern gospel music. She is retired from the busines world where she worked as a data entry operator/supv; is number nine of ten children.
Her writings have been featured on: Starfish, Driftwood, Sand Dollar, Morning Spirit Lift, Prayer of God, Jan Karon, American Poetry Writer's League, Lucy's Inspiration, Faithful Hope reading room, Poetry of Today, Hope in Him, Bonnie's Place, America will remember, News Moose, Penworm Prayer Warriors, Angels on Earth, Canadian Memorial page, Eternal Ink, Heartcatcher and she is a senior writer for Storytime_Tapestry