Featured Writer - Mark Crider

Mark and his dog, Ms Doogie

Mark's Starfish stories include:

Sockin' Away the Loot  -  Jan 4, 02
My First Mobile Phone  -  Jan 11, 02
Going to Sonora  -  Jan 16, 02
Cut My First Greens Yesterday  -  Jan 21, 02
Do I Look Like a Terrorist?  -  Mar 18, '02
Sunrise Services  -  Apr 3, 02
Big Sandy Creek  -  Apr 5, 02
Speckled Trout, Whisker Minnows and Anachua Blooms  -  Apr  8, 02
Batters and Dirters  -  Jun 4, 02
The Train Man  -  Jun 8, 02
Hauling Salmon & Kids  -  Jul 30, 02
The Little Guy Next Door  -  Sep 3, 02
The Onion Field Lesson  -  Sep 4, 02
To Teach  -  Oct 10, 02
I Smells Aroma  -  Oct 17, 02
Tortured Souls  -  Oct 30, 02
Sunday Lunch in the Forties  -  Nov 30, 02
A Little Excitement  -  Jan 19, 03

and others

Mark and his wife Sandra and I live in Northwest Corpus Christi Texas and at their ranch near Laredo. They've been here all their sixty years, plus a few months,

Their home on sixteen acres is a bird sanctuary with two interconnecting creeks. One has been dammed up and built a lake for their black swans and the wild birds to enjoy. Cars as well as school bus loads of children stop to look at its beauty regularly. 

Mark is semi retired and enjoys writing about things the kids grew up seeing / experiencing. He's doing it at their insistence, before it's lost. 

"Featured writer of the month is the same to me as an actor winning an Oscar.  Thanks", says Mark

He has written a number of stories for Starfish and our readers love his "Reflections".

Mark signs his bio:

Mark Crider
Existential philosopher,
Raconteur, and Dean of Dirty Words

* * * * *

         Thanks for taking us along, Mark.

Write to Mark at this addresses:


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