Featured Writer - Kathy Baker

Kathy's Starfish stories include:

 Christmas Fishing Gear
Just One
Grandpa B’s Sump Hole
Grandpa B’s Stairs and Other Stuff
Shiloh’s Possum Problem & Other Tails (oops – Tales)
Shiloh’s Dream & Other Nonsense, 6/9/04
Shiloh’s Social Call, 5/3/04
Daddy’s Little Girl, 6/16/04
A Failed Attempt at Murder
When Do You Grieve?
Failed Attempt at Murder, 4/2/04
Just a Jigsaw Puzzle, 7/6/04
Fish Tracks, Trucks & Email, 7/13/04
Shiloh's Eating Disorder, 7/22/04
Real Fireworks, 8/18/04
The Typing Machine and Baby Stories (by Shiloh)
Shiloh's Sleep Disorder, 10/5/04
Shiloh's Ups and Downs,10/6/04
Christmas in Kansas (by Shiloh), 12/17,04

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Kathy was born in 1947, and raised in the country, outside the small Kansas town of Augusta.  Once she left home, she spent a number of years in Kansas City, Mo., and has been in the Dallas, Texas area since 1978.  Now that she's experienced many years of  “city life”, she says, " I’d give anything to be back in the country.  The grass is always greener……………."

Kathy and her husband, Jerry have been married since 1977.  Being a native Texan, he was thrilled to move her back to his part of the country.  Kathy has no children of her own, but Jerry's children lived with them from 1980 until they left home. They now have three grandchildren ranging in ages from 8 yrs. to 16 yrs. of age. 

"I have more interests than I can name, and probably not enough years left to ever give them all a real chance", she says. " Cross-stitching is my favorite hobby although there are many others I enjoy.  I’d call fishing a hobby, except I don’t get to do it often enough!  I adore all animals, be they domesticated or wild, but I’m most passionate about dogs.  I cannot imagine a home without pets of some sort.  As each day passes and as each new story is born, I become more motivated with this newly discovered hobby/pursuit."

Writing short stories and poems happened quite by chance.  Nearly a year ago, she was in much pain after having a dear pet put to sleep.  Josey had come to her as a tiny pup and seemed she could read Kathy's mind from the very first day.  They had one of those very special connections.  After losing her, Kathy felt that if she could put her feelings into words, it might be therapeutic, as she needed something to ease the weight sitting on her shoulders.  "I shared the poem, The Joy of Josey, with two friends and they simply insisted I  do something with it."  Having subscribed to Petwarmers for quite some time (animals, you know) she took a chance and submitted the poem, which they ran that very evening.  "I was more than shocked!  I guess one would have to say Josey was my inspiration to write!  Actually, I now call her My Writing Angel.  One thing has led to another, and she feels more than honored to share the Wall of Fame with such outstanding and well-known writers." 

 She has her doubts she will ever write fiction.  She says that it seems she can only write when something truly touches her heart, such as: joy, sorrow, pets, elderly folks, faith, angels, and acts of kindness that have no ulterior motive.

      Shiloh                       Josey - Kathy's Inspiration

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