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Ellie's Starfish stories include: 

My Friend Otis
The Angel Project
When Pigs Ski
Fly the Flag


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Ellie Braun-Haley

Author of:

“Casey Caterpillar and Other Movement Rhymes”

“Muttering Moths: Movement Rhymes and More”

“A Little Door, A Little Light”

Mrs. Ellie Braun-Haley has presented talks and workshops in Oaxaca, Mexico, and in many Canadian cities from London to Edmonton. She is an articulate and energetic speaker. She presents with warmth and sincerity and often shares some of the humorous aspects of the topic ‚ whatever that topic may be!

 Life After Death

In Ellie Braun-Haley's talks on Life After Death, she discusses angel activities and the wondrous events that can take place minutes or hours before a loved one dies. She speaks openly and frankly about the threshold of death and the contact that is being made across that threshold. Is the incidence of communication from the dead increasing? Can the spirit leave the body before doctors pronounce the patient dead? Can heavenly messages cause warm sensations or electrical sensations? Who can have a communication (a vision)? Her evidence? Mrs. Braun-Haley has collected hundreds of true stories, many kept secret for years and years, of the deceased returning to their loved ones after death.

Mrs. Ellie Braun-Haley, author of the book, A Little Door, A Little Light provides a startling and insightful look at subjects we hesitate to ask about yet yearn to know more about. The book was written to plant a seed of hope, a hope for more!

Creative Movement

Exploring and learning amid an atmosphere of giggling, happy children! What could be better? Ellie Braun-Haley provides workshops and lectures on the many ways to challenge young children using an easy approach. She introduces easy to follow, proven lesson plans. She provides endless ideas and material from her two books on movement rhymes, songs and more. Providing children with new and unique opportunities for learning and understanding is the challenge that Braun-Haley embraces with an energetic zeal. The difficulty for Braun-Haley is to stop having fun with the children long enough to put the books together. Casey Caterpillar and Other Movement Rhymes and Muttering Moths: Movement Rhymes and More are two books overflowing with exceptional ideas that encourage children to accept new challenges, to investigate with passion and to always want more. In her talks, Mrs. Braun-Haley enthusiastically shares the ideas from these books.

Ellie Braun-Haley offers talks and active workshops that stimulate kindergarten teachers, thrill elementary grade school teachers and leave parents of small children looking blissfully happy. She has material that is colorful, flexible and it has been tested not only in kindergartens and schools but in specialty classes for children with disabilities as well.

Ellie Braun-Haley has produced children's shows for television and received special recognition for her work. She is a choreographer and dance teacher. She teaches as a guest instructor annually for two College Early Childhood departments in two colleges in western Canada. She has also worked four years as a music and movement therapist for children with disabilities. Mrs. Braun-Haley has designed special programs for children (and adults) in the areas of dance, music, movement, and physical education. She has served as a resource person in Creative Movement for Kindergartens and has taught in Kindergartens all over Alberta.

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