Featured Writer - Clara Wersterfer

Clara's Starfish Stories Include:

Aunt Jane's Birthday
Remembering the Plaza Theater
A Playful Scene
Stony the Cat
The Big Fall
The Day I Woke up Old
A Fine Day to Die
A Late Blooming Rose
A Huntin' I Won't Go
Miracles Do Happen
How to Train Your Human



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Clara was born in the mountains of N.C. where everyone has a black belt in talking. She is no exception. Story telling was her favorite pastime.  Her two children and two grandchildren were entertained with stories of her childhood. Clara also passed along stories told to her by her family. About five years ago, one of the granddaughters asked her to write a particular story on paper so she could keep it to read when she wanted a laugh. One story led to another. That started her writing career.

A friend encouraged her to send one of her stories for publication. It was accepted and her first story appeared in Petwarmers in July 2003.
Clara is widowed, having lost her husband of 34 years, in 2002. Her home is in Texas where she has resided for 39 years. Hobbies are writing short stories, genealogy research,  working crossword puzzles, and playing with her two dogs.