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Betty King, is read the world over in her widely published humorous and inspirational writings. She is a freelance writer with publishing credits in newspapers, magazines, and poetry books. She is the author of, It Takes Two Mountains to Make a Valley. Betty is extensively published on the Internet, where her writings can be found on many e-zine and Internet websites. She has been named Heartwarmers Gem on Heartwarmers.com and voted Writer of the Month on 2theheart.com web sites. Most recently, she has been a contributing author to "Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul" and writes a newspaper column, Betty’s Points to Ponder.

Betty and her husband, Bill, have been married 46 years and make their home in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. They have four grown children and ten grandchildren. She and her husband owned and operated restaurants in Illinois for a number of years.

Betty has lived with the Disease Multiple Sclerosis for over 36 years. Though now on disability, she formerly worked as a library clerk in the public school system.


Her writings are woven like tapestries with threads of her faith, joy, strength and humor. Her will, courage and determination are obvious as she writes of her daily walk with MS. God, she claims is the sustaining force, enabling her to crawl, climb and even soar out of her valleys while growing and gaining wisdom while living there.


Betty has a way of allowing her readers a peek into her daily life and struggles and inspiring them to search for growth and wisdom while living in the valleys that are sure to happen in their own lives. She is an accomplished, inspiring and humorous writer.

Betty’s website is,


Or, you may reach her by email at


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