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Always Hope
Oct 2, 2001

Gone Fishin'

Peanut Knurdles

What Little Boys Do
Feb 14, 2002

The Price of Privacy
Feb 2, 2002

The Boss of Me
Dec 25, 2001

Walkin' the Dog Weather
Jan 24, 2002

Thank You, Emile
Nov 13, 2001


 Pamela Jenkins has been married to her college sweetheart, Stanley, for the past twenty-one years.  They met while attending Oklahoma State University and were married during her husband's final year of veterinary school.  She was a stay-at-home mom for the first ten years of parenthood, but she now works as the office manager for her husband's veterinary practice in Henryetta, Oklahoma.  Their four children have practically grown up in the animal hospital and are known to the clients who visit there.

Although the inspirations for most of her stories center around her family and her love for God, Pamela also writes about the bond between people and their pets.  "I believe that every person and animal out there has a story waiting to be told.  Not a day goes by at the office that I don't hear a tale of something special about a pet and I think, Oh, I need to write that one down!"

Nestled in a wooded hollow near a running stream, Pamela's home provides a quiet retreat from life's hectic pace.  It's also the perfect place to take long walks with the children and family dog.  The farm is a work in progress, though, and they are busy adding to it every year.  A recent addition is a barn which contains rooms for sows and their litters, and it keeps her children busy raising their own show pigs.  One wall in their home is filled with trophies and ribbons won at livestock shows, proving that all the hard work has paid off. 

If it hadn't been for a friend, Pamela says she might never have started writing seriously.  Her neighbor Margaret wrote a humorous story about farm life and it was published in Ag Youth magazine.  "After reading Margaret's story, I thought about all the stories that I could write, too.  Once I started, there just didn't seem to be any end!  I'm always thinking of the next story I'm going to write."

Pamela has been a contributing writer in Chocolate for a Woman's Dreams, Written in Stone, and Chicken Soup for the Grandparents' Soul as well as for many inspirational websites such as Ripplemaker.com.  She enjoys hearing from readers.  "Opening my Inbox and reading letters from people who enjoyed one of my stories is the highlight of my morning.  It's a wonderful way to start my day."

Write to Pamela at this address:

ramblinrabbit @ juno.com

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