Featured Writer - Loren Moore

Loren has written several stories for us Ripplemakers.  Among them are:

Ladies Rest Room
Sun Deck for Little Fox
Pine Island Pond
The Great Armadillo Caper
Boat Ride
Squirrel Hunt
Coumadin Clinic
Pecan Tree Feeder
Until Death Do Us Part
Sons & Daughters of Texas
I Won, I Won
Illinois Railroad Watch
Olympic Torch Bearer
Little Green Octopus
Lean, Mean Killing Machine
Life Buoy Saga
The English Language is Killing Me
Hazards of Growing Old
Morton Salt Mine
Wagon Train
Judy Ross
Treed by a Turkey
Dumb & Dumber
How I Lost My Computer
Wild Indians
Threatened by Beef
A Penny Saved
A Triple Decker

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Loren Moore is 70 years old and has been married to his wife, Johnnie, for 51 years as of
11-14-02.  He worked for the General Motors assembly plant in Arlington, Texas until he had to take early retirement in 1975 because of multiple sclerosis.  Loren’s hobbies have always been hunting and fishing. 

He says “I’m an uneducated redneck from the piney woods of East Texas.

“Now that I'm in my old age and do most of my hunting and fishing in my memory, I’ve decided to write about a few of my experiences.  I can remember everything that ever happened to me and a few things that didn’t. I decided to write them in the form of short stories.  These stories are about 90% true and 10% fiction.  My wife Johnnie says they are 10% true and 90% fiction.  Maybe they are somewhere in between.  But be that as it may, here are my stories.

“They have been written for the amusement of my two daughters, Susan and Angela, my two granddaughters, Amanda and Ginger, my great granddaughter Chivona Lynn (aka doodlebug) and my great grand sons, Dennis and Nathan, and anyone else that wants to read them.

“Those were the days my friend.  We thought they would never end.  We thought they would last forever and a day.  We would live the life we chose we would fight and never lose.  For we were young and sure to have our way.

So come time travel with me.  Let's take a cruise down memory lane to the golden olden days.

Thanks for taking us along, Loren.
*** *** ***
More of Loren's Stories:

Dairy Queen and the Girlie Show
Little Fox's Friends
Varmint Hunter La Stinko
A White Thumb Tack
Cost of Groceries
Just Do It
Kettle Calls the Pot Black
Dog Mail
Fat & Fluffy
Soppin' Wet & Hoppin; Mad

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