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God Bless!

Higher Realms – Inspirational cards from heaven

Insights from Heaven cards which will help inspire you to higher levels of awareness & understanding in your life. The cards are compiled from the wisdom of the book ‘The Light of Chilao’ by Annie Jameson.



Inspirational Quotes

Famous inspirational quotes and sayings to inspire you and start your day on a positive note


One of our writers, Michael Segal was shot in the head during a robbery.  See his inspirational Video

Click Here




This is a wonderful site operated by our friend, Michael T. Powers.  Listen to inspirational messages, or read some of his excellent stories.  A visit to his web site will be well worth the time.  I know you'll visit again and again.





If you like poetry, you just have to check out Sandra Hoynacki's new web site.


 "Life, by its very nature, demands to be dedicated to something. Make it something that counts!"

World Encounter provides leadership, cross cultural training, and team building for a dynamic short-term mission outreach experience. Outreach teams are involved for one to two weeks in hands-on ministry through friendship evangelism, children’s ministry, leadership development, and service projects.  Experience life-changing personal growth through service to others!

Helping people discover a bigger world and their God-given destiny to serve the least - the last - the lost for Jesus Christ!

(Click the photo or the logo to visit Curt Rosen's Web Site)

Betty King's
"Moments of Reflection"

'Positive inspirational messages, stories, quotes and images to refresh the spirit and boost the emotional bank account'

Pamy’s Place

Pamela Blaine has written several stories for Starfish and for other online sites and services.  Many of her stories can be found on her web site.  Just click the link below to be transported to a place where you'll want to spend some time exploring.

Robert H. Gilbert, Jr

This site has poetry, music, stories about "Mother", Trucks, Dogs and much more.  It's both beautiful and inspirational and well worth a visit.  Robert writes for Starfish and occasionally for Sand Dollar. 

                                           Angels of Hope, by Kelly Smith. 

"We crochet angels and butterflies that are sent out all over the world upon request to those who are severely injured, chronically ill,  and their caregivers or just someone that needs hope.  We are now offering Smiley Faces for children also in need of hope or a smile."

Keep The Faith... Lovely card for a friend going through a rough patch.

Inspirational Greeting Cards

Friendship & Inspiration

Roger Dean Kiser's "The American Orphan Foundation

Help Roger promote the awareness or orphans.  His web site offeres information about polocies, and practices in US orphanages and strives to promote change.  A visit is well worth your time.

Reading Bob's stories inspires you.  Hearing him tell his stories changes your life...forever!

"2THEHEART is proud to bring you FREE Inspirational stories, Tuesday - Friday, guaranteed to touch your soul and tug at your heart strings! 2TheHeart also features free our Art & Poetry, Inspiration! Writing Workshops  pages and MORE!" (by Susan Fahncke)

"Hearts With Soul
is for and by the extraordinary every day people. A “HOME” where YOU can share YOUR, ideas, lifestyles, thoughts and talents. We believe through giving of ourselves, sharing with others we will help promote an understanding, harmony, and a sense of self worth for all people." (Teri Wilber)

Temporarily Offline features stories about people - and animals - that touch the  heart and expand the mind: miracles, blessings, small acts of kindness that make a big difference, life saving and/or life changing events, amazing events that cannot be explained away, bringing such gladness, you must tell others about it. 

WiseHearts.Com E-Cards, Flash Cards, Send A Friend, Recommend to a Friend, Web Site Design by Terri McPherson
"Life is not a series of epiphanies,
it is the gathering of simple threads of wisdom and weaving them through the fabric of our lives."
Terry McPherson

 New book by one of our members.  Click one of the links to "read all about it"
Photograph, Biography, Storyline and much more.  I hope you'll take a moment to check it out.

A Family's Stronghold, by GinnyLinn

Ginny has been a Starfish member since January of 2002 and has recently had her first book published.  Please check it out by clicking the book at left, or the title above.  (Click the photo to visit her web site)


Grand parenting stories, Devotions, Motor Sports and Stories from the Heart.  Beautiful site complete with music.

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