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June 28, 2009


I was taught to respect my elders.....
but it's getting harder to find one!


 The primary purpose of this site is to promote acts of kindness and goodwill.  God smiles when    we reach out to each other.  Therefore, is dedicated to those who. . . . .

Reach Out  -  Get Involved
Make a Ripple  -  Make a Difference

Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. 
Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." - Scott Adams

If you cast a small pebble onto the surface of a glassy calm pond, ripples form and move outward across the water.  Each ripple causes another, and another and so on.   A very small act can make a significant difference.  Make a Ripple - Make a Difference.


Ripplemakers are those people who perform acts of kindness, thereby making a difference to someone. When a person reaches out to another, he creates a ripple.  Often the benefactor, in turn, reaches out to someone else - and the ripples continue.  

I encourage you to be a Ripplemaker. Ripplemakers come in all sizes and shapes - all colors and creeds.  Anyone can be a Ripplemaker - even a child.
 This site is dedicated to those who "Make a Difference".  It is dedicated to you. Please join us.

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