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What is "Driftwood" ? 

If you like poetry, then Driftwood is for you.  When you subscribe to Driftwood, you will begin receiving original poems in your e-mail each Saturday. 


Driftwood is dedicated to Marie Grunwald, a life-long resident of Iowa who has spent her life writing poetry simply for the fun of it

"On April 20, 1920, God blessed this world with a precious little girl, Marie Hannah Carroll.  Little did anyone know the word painting talents she would bestow upon her loved ones and friends throughout her life time of creating poetic verses to celebrate special occasions, life landmarks, births, deaths, holidays and emotions.  Driftwood offers observations and musings she has created from her very generous heart and limitless imaginings over the years.

Laugh with her, cry with her, love with her and love her as you love her verse."

From "Marie's Musings", a booklet of Marie's poetry by her daughter, Paulette

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